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Experience the Magnificent Seven from the Sky and on Ground

If you want to see the Big 5 and other rare animals like the African wild dog and white lions‚ you should take a charter flight to Timbavati Private Nature Reserve.


Where is Timbavati Private Nature Reserve?

Timbavati Private Nature Reserve is spread across just over 53‚000 hectares or 131‚000 acres. It is located in the Kruger National Park area in the Lowveld region of South Africa‚ located at the very tip of the continent‚ and borders Kruger National Park and Thornybush Game Reserve.


Why You Should Visit Timbavati Private Nature Reserve

Timbavati is perhaps best known for its white lions‚ a ghostly sight set against the bush. It’s the only place recorded so far where these white lions thrive‚ occurring naturally and regularly.


It’s also well-known for seeing the ‘magnificent seven’‚ namely the usual Big 5 plus the African wild dog and cheetah. Like other private game reserves‚ Timbavati offers a more uncrowded‚ exclusive experience of this wildlife-rich region.


From taking on the bush on your own two feet on a walking safari to off-road game drives in open vehicles‚ it’s an experience you’ll never forget. Furthermore‚ most private game reserves can offer you activities such as night safaris‚ an exhilarating experience under the stars where you get to see what goes on in the bush after sunset.


By visiting Timbavati‚ you will also support their many conservation efforts‚ including protecting wildlife with an anti-poaching unit‚ conserving the local flora and fauna‚ various research projects‚ and more.


What You Need to Know About Your Charter to Timbavati

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Book Your Charter to Timbavati Today

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