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Touchdown in the Bush for a Luxury Safari Experience

We believe that an unforgettable luxury safari starts on your journey to your destination. That is why we take pride in expediting your travel to your destination by flying you to the airstrip nearest to your lodge in true VIP style. 


Safari starts from the Sky

Flying into the bush means that your safari experience starts before you even touchdown at the airstrip nearest to your lodge.  Amazing views from above capturing the landscapes‚ wildlife and unique angle from the aircraft as you soar above the African safari landscapes.

As you approach the landing strip you often have the opportunity to see animals and wildlife roaming in the vicinity or on the strip. Which does mean that on occasions our aircraft may need to circle as the animals are coerced off the airstrip to ensure your safety on landing.

On some of our shuttle flights you may have to make an intermediary stop at another airstrip before reaching your final destination. Our customers enjoy this additional aerial experience of sightseeing from the air of other lodges and areas that they may not be staying at. Intermediary stops depend on our route plan for the day‚ so have your cameras ready to capture lifetime memories as you could be enjoying further opportunities to experience your safari from the air.

As part of our flexibility to meet the travel requirements of our guests‚ our flight routing can vary from day to day.

Operating in the bush safari airstrips presents different and exciting challenges to those found at a conventional airport. Flights are susceptible to unique situations that could result in flight times changing and routing variations. All done with safety and customer comfort and flexibility as our top priorities.

Our route structure constantly changes due to variations in the daily inbound or outbound activity of each lodge. Therefore‚ this means that we will never know our exact routing until the day before arrival or departure. It also means that we can be more flexible in accommodating passengers who experience delays on their inbound flights.