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Welcome onboard federal Airlines.<br> Flying with federal Airlines into the African bush and safari adventures is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We pride ourselves on over 20 years of flying guests safely and in style to Southern Africa’s safari and premier destinations on our charter and shuttle services.

The federal Airlines Experience

Over the last two decades, we have excelled in providing tailored services that exceed and delight our guests with the fedair experience of private air travel. Our professional staff and dedicated partners ensure a safe‚ efficient and exclusive travel.

Air travel redefined

Federal Airlines offers a premium point-to-point shuttle service and highly customisable charter flights for both business and leisure travellers.

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Enjoy Our
Exclusive Benefits

As part of our unique federal Airlines partnership programme‚ the federal Air Traveller Programme‚ our agents and travel service partners‚ unlock access to several other benefits through this direct partnership with us.

Our Accommodation Partners

Flying you straight to the most luxurious safari lodges’ private airstrips.

Exclusive services to Southern Africa’s premier safari destinations

We pride ourselves in ensuring that our clients and guests feel welcome‚ with a personalised service from the moment they come into contact with our airline and throughout their flight experience with FedAir to and from their safari holiday, game reserve, lodge or camp.