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At FedAir we believe that a remarkable luxury safari adventure and vacation starts with the journey towards the destination. That is why we take great pride in providing a VIP air travel experience, swiftly flying to airstrips close to the safari lodges and camps.

Your Safari Starts From The Sky

Flying into the bush and game reserves in South Africa means that any safari experience starts before touchdown at the airstrip nearest to the lodges.

Route maps

Explore our routes across South Africa

FedAir operates both regular air shuttle services and charter flights to popular areas in South Africa where top safari lodges, game reserves and camps are located.

The views from above when flying to and from your African safari are absolutely stunning.

The FedAir Experience

Southern Africa's leading safari flight shuttle service provider.

Exclusive services to Southern Africa’s premier safari destinations

We pride ourselves in ensuring that our clients and guests feel welcome‚ with a personalised service from the moment they come into contact with our airline and throughout their flight experience with FedAir to and from their safari holiday, game reserve, lodge or camp.