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Everything You Need to Know About Our Baggage Restrictions

Packing and travelling with the right baggage is important to ensure a more enjoyable flight experience.

Due to the nature of the routes our charter and shuttle flights operate, our aircraft are smaller than typical airliners and therefore have more limiting baggage capacities.

With safety being of utmost importance, we need to adhere to weight and balance limitations, and therefore implement stringent baggage requirements.

We kindly request that our guests adhere to our rules and regulations regarding baggage limitations.

Important baggage information

Types of bags & luggage restrictions

All passengers travelling on our federal Airlines shuttle flights are entitled to one free piece of checked luggage and one small carry on item.

Due to the nature of the environment in which we operate, our aircraft are smaller than a typical airliner. As a result of this we have small luggage holds which means that we have weight and size limitations. The federal Airlines luggage specifications are as follows:

  • Preferably soft (all-sides) luggage/duffle bags with ONE flat side. We offer soft sided bags which can be purchased at our lounge at an additional cost.
  • Maximum luggage weight (including photographic/filming equipment) is 20kg/44lbs (in the hold); maximum luggage size per piece is 40cm (16 inches) wide x 30cm (12 inches) high x 60cm (24 inches) long.
  • Maximum hand luggage is 5kg/11lbs;

Oversized luggage CANNOT be carried on your lap. Your safety is our first priority and unsecured objects inside the cabin are hazardous.

Excess/Additional luggage

Should your luggage exceed the above limitations, we will not be able to load it. We do provide a COMPLIMENTARY LUGGAGE STORING FACILITY at Johannesburg and Kruger (provided guests are booked on a return basis). Excess luggage remains the responsibility of the affected passenger at all times.

At times, due to an aircraft constraints, excess luggage can be an operational problem. Therefore any excess luggage over 20kgs needs to be pre-booked and pre-advised. We might not always be able to assist should excess luggage not have been pre-booked. Excess baggage weight shall incur a surcharge. Refer to our fees and charges for the latest information. For more than 20kg we would allocate a freight seat at a cost. For flight safety and operational reasons, all additional freight allowances are subject to weight and balance constraints. We cannot guarantee acceptance or carriage.

It remains the responsibility of the booking agent to inform their client of Federal Airlines baggage policies. Full details and terms are found on our Terms & Conditions of Carriage.

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