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Latest Update from the Company

Please take note of our latest Federal Airlines notice below. The COVID-19 pandemic and the global travel restrictions imposed to contain the spread of the virus continues to impact airlines and the wider tourism markets throughout Africa negatively. Given such international travel restrictions and the elevated infection and death rates in the USA‚ UK and other European countries‚ we have been impacted by the deferral of bookings by agents and customers into Q4 2020 and the first half of 2021. As a result‚ Federal Airlines saw that demand for its full shuttle and charter services would significantly reduce for the rest of the 2020 year.

Our Current Restructuring Process

In light of the above‚ and after careful consideration‚ Federal Airlines has in the past few weeks started with the process of restructuring the company to adjust to this downturn over the rest of the 2020 year‚ as follows:

  • We are restructuring our aircraft fleet‚ retaining two B1900Ds‚ two PC12s and two C208Bs that will adequately cater for the required bookings and reservations between May 2020 and December 2020. During this time‚ if customer demand increases‚ we will be able to scale up and reintroduce additional capacity to the fleet. 


  • To allow crewing‚ operational‚ and support staff levels to fall in line with the reduced aircraft fleet‚ a retrenchment process has‚ unfortunately‚ formed part of the restructure. All remaining staff unaffected by reductions in our staff complements have also agreed to a voluntary reduction in salary. 


  • During this current lockdown period‚ all non-essential employees are on paid annual leave‚ with those employees responsible for essential critical tasks continuing to work from home. Our charter and shuttle booking platforms and all key customer support staff remain available to assist with all bookings and queries.

Other Updates

During late March 2020 and early April 2020‚ Federal Airlines has been performing some essential cargo flights to neighbouring countries with much needed medical supplies. We maintain operational readiness for any flights that may be required and will commence shuttle and charter services once the travel bans are lifted. Whilst the pandemic has caused a significant headwind to all airlines worldwide‚ we remain able and ready to service our partners and clients with the usual high standards of safety‚ reliability and customer relations that we are renowned for.

Remaining Positive

We are confident that the outlook for 2021 is looking good‚ and we are making sure that we reach this to meet your full needs as usual. This pandemic will soon pass‚ and our beautiful country with its wonderful people will soon return to being a huge attraction to the travel industry.